Race to Win

Race to Win DVD Release

Race To Win (originally titled Race to Redemption) is an inspirational, heart-warming story of hope and perseverance, even when the giant is tall. The film tells the story of a young woman (Danielle Campbell) who struggles to find the courage to compete in the race of her life after her father’s devastating death. If she loses the race, her family will lose everything, including the legacy and home they worked so hard to build. If she wins, her life might just fall back into place!

The story emphasizes and promotes important values, such as hope, perseverance, love, and truth. The film stands out as a clean, family-friendly drama in the midst of the chaos of inappropriate material Hollywood offers. It’s very important to support movies such as these!

Race to Win stars Luke Perry (CW’s Riverdale), Danielle Campbell (The Originals), and is being released by Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment. The director is Teddy Smith, known for plenty of action films, and a variety of others. Coming to DVD on March 7 2017, be sure to check it out!

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