May 23, 2017

Jun 2017 Offering

May 23rd, 2017|

With You Always
by: Judy Hedlund
One of the many immigrants struggling to survive in 1850s New York, Elise Neumann knows she must take action to care for her younger sisters. She finds a glimmer of hope when the New York Children’s Aid Society starts sending skilled workers to burgeoning towns out west. But the promise of the society’s orphan trains is not all that it seems.
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The Captain’s Daughter
by: Jennifer Delamere
When a series of circumstances […]

April 11, 2017

Review “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone”

April 11th, 2017|

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone DVD Release
The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is an inspirational comedy rated PG about faith and forgiveness. Gavin Stone, a washed-up former child star is forced to do community service at a local mega- church and pretends to be a Christian so he can land the part of Jesus in their annual Passion Play only to discover that the most important role of his life is far from Hollywood.

“There’s a lot […]

May 2017 Offering

April 10th, 2017|

The Chapel Car Bride
by: Judith Miller
After a sheltered life in Pittsburgh, Hope Irvine is ready for a new adventure. When her father takes a position as a preacher in a railroad car converted into a traveling church, she’s thrilled at the chance to accompany him. While accommodations in their new chapel car home are tight, Hope couldn’t be happier putting her musical skills to good use and ministering to the people of West Virginia […]

Review (re)union

April 3rd, 2017|

(re)union Advance Reader Copy
Is it possible that over the centuries the church has altered the message of Christ? Has modern Christianity wrapped itself so tightly in a fragmented, inactive version of the gospel that the life-changing message of God has been smothered? Pastor Bruxy Cavey thinks the answ
er is yes. He speaks to a new generation interested in Jesus but embarrassed by Christians in his latest book, Reunion: The Good News of Jesus for […]

March 16, 2017

Apr 2017 Offering

March 16th, 2017|

Your Next 24 Hours
by: Hal Donaldson
A life with greater purpose and fulfillment is closer than you think. The decisions you make in the next 24 hours can change your life and influence the people around you . . . for good.
Your Next 24 Hours shows you the enormous difference you can make through small, doable acts of kindness in your family, community, workplace, school, and church. You’ll read inspiring stories of unsung heroes, as […]

Review “The Case for Christ”

March 8th, 2017|

The Case for Christ Film Release
A hard-driving journalist, Lee Strobel was exactly where he expected to be at work: on top. His award-winning investigative reporting recently earned him a promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. But things weren’t going nearly as well at home where his wife Leslie’s newfound faith in Christ went against everything Lee believed—or didn’t believe—as an avowed atheist.

Utilizing his journalistic and legal training, Lee begins a quest to debunk […]

February 16, 2017

Mar 2017 Offering

February 16th, 2017|

Justice Delayed
by: Patricia Bradley
Eighteen years ago, TV crime reporter Andi Hollister’s sister was murdered. The convicted killer sits behind bars, his execution date looming. But when a letter surfaces stating that the condemned didn’t do the crime, Detective Will Kincaide of the Memphis Cold Case Unit will stop at nothing to help Andi get to the bottom of it. After all, this case is personal: the man who confessed to the crime is Will’s […]

Review “Race to Win”

February 3rd, 2017|

Race to Win DVD Release
Race To Win (originally titled Race to Redemption) is an inspirational, heart-warming story of hope and perseverance, even when the giant is tall. The film tells the story of a young woman (Danielle Campbell) who struggles to find the courage to compete in the race of her life after her father’s devastating death. If she loses the race, her family will lose everything, including the legacy and home they worked so hard to build. […]

January 10, 2017

Feb 2017 Offering

January 10th, 2017|

In the Shadow of Denali
by: Tracie Peterson, Kimberley Woodhouse
Cassidy Ivanoff and her father, John, work at the new and prestigious Curry Hotel near the foot of Mount McKinley–Denali as it’s still called by the natives. John is the wilderness and exploration guide for the wealthy tourists while Cassidy works in the kitchen as Cook’s assistant. The entire staff buzzes with excitement during the busy days preparing for the President’s imminent visit. His historic trip […]

December 13, 2016

Jan 2017 Offering

December 13th, 2016|

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill
by: Julie Klassen

The lifeblood of the village of Ivy Hill is its coaching inn, The Bell. When the innkeeper dies suddenly, his genteel wife, Jane Bell, becomes the reluctant landlady. Jane has no idea how to manage a business, but with the town’s livelihood at stake and a large loan due, she must quickly find a way to save the inn.

Despite their strained relationship, Jane turns to her resentful mother-in-law, […]